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Jerry Harvey Audio Monitors

Hand crafted in the USA for you

Jerry Harvey Audio Monitors

Hand crafted in the USA for you

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Jerry Harvey Audio Monitors

Bisel Hearing Aid Center - the only Authorized Dealer in Houston!

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(713) 669-0117

Pioneer of the most detailed, accurate in-ear monitors on the market. JH Audio combines over 25 years' experience in live audio mixing with more that 15 years of designing and building in-ear monitors. They now offer eight Custom Fit IEM models and three Universal fit models. To learn more about the different products offered, click here


JH Audio Custom and Universal fit IEMs are built in Orlando, Florida. Each set is assembled by hand using our proprietary drivers, crossover components, as well as custom finished including Carbon Fiber to create the most beautiful sounding earpieces.


They are proud to manufacture their in-ears by using old school craftsmanship, while using the most cutting edge Technology. Here at Bisel Hearing Aid Center, we are proud to sell them. 

Jerry Harvey Audio. Hand crafted, never mass-produced.

Call 713-669-0117 today for more information about Jerry Harvey Audio Monitors. We're conveniently located at 4766 Beechnut St. in Houston in Meyerland. As an added bonus, for purchasing your custom in-ear monitors directly from Bisel Hearing Aid Centers, you will receive free ear-mold impressions FREE OF CHARGE, a $75 value! 

To learn more about Jerry Harvey Audio, please click here.

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