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Monica McNamara: She helped me with hearing testing to understand the various levels of hearing. She has a tremendous knowledge in that field and a good sales person. I will recommend her to my other friends.

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venkat raman, on Google

Very helpful to us out-of-towners who needed a new charger for hearing aids. Everyone in the office was welcoming and worked to get us what was needed. Would highly recommend!

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Claudia S, on Google

Incredible experience! This is a third generation owned business, and Chris Bisel does a great job. It’s not just hearing aids; they do custom ear plugs, hearing devices for those in television, noise canceling plugs, etc. Highly recommend for any hearing devices!

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Vanessa Richardson, on Google

Can't say enough good things about Bisel Hearing Center and owner, Chris Bisel. Knowledgeable, caring, professional. They took fabulous care of my father when I brought him in to have some work done on his hearing aids. Chris explained things thoroughly and gave my father some tips to prolonge the life of his hearing aids. Will be recommending them to my friends.

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Emily B, on Google

I was sad to learn that my hearing loss was more severe when I took a hearing test back in July of 2022. I began my research, being new to the Houston area I was drawn to Bisel because it was close to where i was living at the time. I scheduled an appointment and was in right away. Chris and the staff are very nice and made me feel comfortable, they have a variety of hearing devices that will fit your needs. Payment options and supply kit for your device. The place is very clean and again Chris and staff are very professional and friendly. I recommend them highly. If you need help, unsure, nervous I guarantee Bisel will help you every step. Being able to hear clearer now after not for so long is the best feeling. I Would give them 10 stars if it was available. Go here, they are great! tell them G. Coleman sent you :)

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Gaylin Coleman, on Google

I recently enjoyed a hearing aid appointment at Bisel Hearing Aid Center in Houston, Texas and wanted to share my experience with any individual, challenged by hearing loss, or a person, who was contemplating replacing their current hearing aids and/or seeking to replace their former Provider, for an advanced Instrument specialist, such as Chris.

Chris Bisel, the owner of Bisel Hearing Center is a charismatic and interesting man; his zeal for his craft and dedication to helping fit my hearing loss level, with a terrific an ideal instrument. Chris leads from his personality, beliefs, and confidence in himself and in the area of specialty. He is a seasoned practitioner in Houston since 1989. During out exchange, I experience increasing confidence that what Chris offered made perfect sense and would greatly improve my hearing and my entire life. During the evaluation, Christ meticulously articulated his experience, training and knowledge coupled with his familial status as a third generation hearing instrument specialist which reflects sincere caring individual whose career translates into an honorable vocation service for life.

Chris’ philosophy and ethical treatment was present to me during every single moment of the evaluation, testing and process; a process that informed and persuaded my decision to place my trust in Bisel Hearing Aid Center for my hearing loss needs. Chris’ integrity, explanation, illustrations and fine manners, encouraged an informed decision, to secure hearing aids from a trusted (read the reviews) body of fans who hailed and recognized as did I: an authentic Master hearing instrument Specialist.

Patricia Looker

They put customer satisfaction as their first priority by going a step beyond in the hearing aid industry! Any company can dream, you said, “why not?” – and made the “hearing” aid equal in technology.

Stewart L.

Bisel Hearing Aid Center and owner Chris Bisel provide excellent service in a friendly and caring environment. I am very pleased with the service I’ve received there!

Satisfied Patient

Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.

Patricia D.

These are so great for noisy restaurants; I wasn’t even aware of the noise! Phone streaming is also very helpful.

Satisfied Customer

I love that there are multiple settings, so I can customize my hearing aids. I was skeptical beforehand, but I am really appreciating the advances that these hearing aids offer.

Satisfied Patient

I have been wearing hearing aids for 3 decades. I am a flutist, music educator, and counselor, as well as a PhD student in Performance Psychology. I have a high-frequency hearing loss in both ears, a congenital defect. I have relied on bone conduction, contextual reasoning, and reading lips to understand others with my natural hearing. After years of working with analog technology, I decided it was time to hear what the world is really about. I have had numerous less-than-satisfying visits with audiologists and hearing aid specialists over the years – people who underestimated me and my expectations. For that reason, I elected to go without hearing aids for some time. I met Chris Bisel of Bisel Hearing Aids of Houston by chance, and he was nothing short of everything I wanted in customer service, technical savvy, and a clear understanding on his part of the psychosocial issues faced by the hearing impaired. My mother and I enjoyed the equipment selection process, and Chris walked through my personal hearing and speech history with both of us. He truly wanted to understand me as a person. This level of patient advocacy is extremely rare and largely absent. The hearing instruments themselves, from Aubibel’s Platinum Range Completely-In-Ear system, are nothing short of amazing. I am able to hear sounds, tonal colors, and acoustical phenomena that I have only imagined in the past.

Spencer Yeamans